Jessica was born an only child (forget those two and a half steps) to two lovely children in the brisk place of Cleveland, Ohio who raised her when time permitted. (Who knew that some children raise their own children?) Her father dreamed of being a farmer despite being in the suburbs and his asthmatic wife. Her mother just wanted to breath clean air and take photographs of beautiful sunsets and sunrises, but she kept falling in love with men that couldn’t give her space to breath (my animal breeder father followed by my chain smoking step father.)

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These conditions all seemed natural for Jessica to hibernate anonymously in various large cities and train with a variety of master teachers and methods in the performing arts with numerous odd jobs (one, which led to meeting her husband) to eventually emerge as a solo show artist. A person, a human being shall we say who writes and performs their own material. And some jobs just like to refer to us as warm bodies, I guess that is better then when they refer to us as cadavers.

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Jessica originally dreamed of being a prima ballerina, sadly this did not happen due to late training, wrong body type, and injuries. She still dreams about studying with more master teachers in France and Russia. So far she has only made it to NYC, Chicago, London, and Southern California, and let's not forget New Jersey.  



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